Key Word Intelligence

Hello Hungry Marketer,

Key words are important section of pay-per-click advertising

Plans, if you’re a system affiliate or an advertiser.

Basically, with pay per click advertising programs, you’re

That is the reason why you

should carefully choose your keywords. In addition to attentively

Picking your keywords, you should also make sure the

Key words you selected are successful or living up to your

standards. You can do this by testing and tracking all your

Key words.

Before analyzing how both affiliates and advertisers can go

about testing and tracking their keywords, it is important that

you comprehend why testing and tracking is very important. Pay per

click advertising prices money, granted it just prices when one of

your advertisements continues to be clicked, but it’s still money. Any good

business owner really wants to understand precisely where their money goes,

Just help to ensure you aren’t wasting money, but it’ll

also tell you if you are making any. Key Word tracking and

testing will also let you know if you are wasting your own time.

Since you understand why it is necessary to test and track your

Key words, you can better comprehend how you can achieve this.

mentioned above, both advertisers and affiliates are encouraged to

Evaluation and track their keywords. Affiliates must examine and

track as it will help them determine just how much money

Affiliates are making, together with how much cash they are not making

or could be making. Affiliates rely on their website’s content

to show relevant advertisements. For this reason, if you’re an

affiliate, your content needs to include popular keywords,

Key words that would be associated with pay per click

advertisements. Google Adsense gives affiliates updated

tracking information; details that you can utilize to determine

your success with specific keywords.

Besides using the info that is provided for you by

your pay per click software, you can even perform your own test.

You are able to do so by seeing your online site. Have a look at

the advertisements that are appearing on your page. When doing

Therefore, it is important that you simply look, do not click. You’ll be able to easily

get a notion as to what keywords are correlated with those

advertisements. To see how much money you could be making, you

will want to make use of Overture’s key word worth tool, which could be

found at The

higher the maximum bids really are, the additional money you’re likely to


Advantage from testing and tracking your keywords. Unlike

affiliates, who rely on content keywords, your keywords will

Basically be attached to your own advertisements. That’s how pay

per click applications determine which sites your advertisements

will appear on. For tracking, your pay per click software

should also provide you with information, for example information on

which one of your advertisements was clicked. If you are using multiple

Key words for multiple advertisements, it is possible to compare them to

see which one is the greater moneymaker.

As for testing your keywords, you will need to perform a

Normal internet search, rather using the keywords or

keywords phrases that you selected. You will need to examine

popular, high ranking web pages. To determine if your chosen

Key words are used to the very best of their ability, you should

be able to find a few of your advertisements exhibited on

affiliate pages. Should you be not able to do so, it could be a sign

that you should reexamine your pay per click advertising

Key words.

track and test your keywords to see when they may be producing

results. By taking all these approaches, key word

Monitoring and testing should just take a few minutes of your

time, but it will be time well spent.

For your success,

P.S. Key Word tracking and testing is an effective way to checkup on

yourself, to see if you are profiting from pay per click


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