Google Rank Check How to Start To See the Value Google Places on Your Page

Are you wanting to do a Google rank check? Google’s page rank is a patented algorithm. Google considers greater than half a billion variables when establishing your ranking on the search results.

No one man knows what all of these variables aren’t even the one who manages the code. So, anyone claiming to be a Google ranking check authority should be viewed with caution.

Still, there are a few things we do know about how page rank works.

Google flat out says that pages they believe are significant get a higher page rank than others. Pages with higher rank often appear higher in the search results, though you’ll see page position 5 pages sometimes ranking higher than page position 7 pages to get a particular search.

Most specialists concur that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites to have higher link juice than other top level domains since they are restricted to not for profit sites.

One way to get .edu links would be to take out on-line ads on school newspaper sites.

But, any links from PR 2 or higher sites will help your own page rank. One way to get links would be to post comments on with decent page rank. You can certainly do that by downloading free software online.

Other ideas for raising page rank contain:

Join newsgroups and post a link back to your own site in your signature. Each single time you create a post, you’ll get link juice.

Submit your site to web directories.

Add an ezine for your site. Not only will this permit you to match the people who see your site, but you could also post information about your ezine to ezine directories.

Print articles on the content sites. It’s possible for you to drive visitors to your own sites this way.

Create a sitemap on your website. This lets Google understand the way to index your page.

Link to other pages within your web site. Placing links to the internal pages within the internet site lets you expand your link juice.

Continue building pages within your site. Every page you create and link back to your own home page raises the muscle of your home page’s PR.

To do a Google ranking check, you are able to install the Google toolbar to your own Firefox browser. The tool is at -This will give you the page position of every page you see.

A Google ranking check will allow one to understand how your site is faring compared to similar sites.

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