Exposing the Secret Pay Per Click Formula

If you’d like to possess success using pay per click to market your online goods and services, you’ve got to formulate a highly effective ppc formula. Not every online marketer strategies pay per click in the exact same way, and each likely has developed their own unique method so as to generate ppc (or “PPC”) work for them. Irrespective of your approach, there are many significant secrets to ppc advertising that you need to keep in mind when you opt to follow someone else’s strategy or to develop your personal pay per click formula.

That’s why it is crucial to analyze your PPC ads, and full tracking and testing need to be the very foundation of any successful ppc formula.

For instance, when you have four different advertisements running and each advertising sends 500 clicks for your site, it is possible to use your Web tracking logs to ascertain which of those four advertisements ended up converting to the most sales. Say that “Ad #1″ sent 500 clicks and from those you made 3 deal, and that “Ad #2″ sent 500 clicks and from those you made 2 sales, and “Ad #3″ sent 500 clicks and people produced 7 sales, while “Ad #4″ logged 500 clicks but just one sale. Certainly we are able to see that “Ad #4″ out-performed all of your other advertisements joined. Forget the others.

So just how will you analyze conversions? One of the easiest ways would be to develop numerous PPC ads for each of your online promotions, rather than merely one. A superb mix might include 3 or 4 different advertisements, all for exactly the same advertising effort. You could use those four different advertisements in bids about exactly the same keywords, and then have each of those four advertisements stage to a different page on your web site. The content on all of the pages needs to be the same, though the pages possess a different URL. In this way, when developing your ppc formula, you’ll be able to choose which of these PPC ads create the most sales.

Of course there are other items to take into account in developing a successful ppc formula, like keyword research and also the real cost per click compared to revenue produced by the PPC traffic. But before you focus on a wide shotgun approach to establishing a PPC campaign, take a step back a minute and create a plan to analyze your conversion rates. You’ll immediately see this is one pay per click formula key that could mean the difference between success and failure.


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